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A type of medical therapy used to address multiple health issues.
caregiver helping senior man for medication

Intravenous therapy (or IV Therapy) is a medical therapeutic intervention that delivers fluid directly to the human bloodstream. With a licensed healthcare professional, IV therapy uses appropriate equipment, such as syringes. This therapy has been widely used for different purposes. At HYE NURSES HOME HEALTH, we harness IV therapy for certain health concerns in seniors.

Our IV therapy is used for:

  • Hydration

    Supplying the right amount of water the body needs

  • Nutrition

    Feeding a person’s needed vitamins, amino acids, and other important substances directly into the body

  • Buffer Solutions

    Maintaining the blood acids at the normal level

  • Medications

    Injecting medicinal substances directly into the bloodstream

  • Volume Expansion

    Supplying the lost amount of fluids (blood, water, etc.) from the body

  • Blood-Based Products

    Supplying the needed blood products (blood, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, etc.)

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